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When Third World Was Starving for food.It was Grand Mother of Rahul Gandhi Who Saved India From Starving.

Everybody Know About Indira GandhiContribution to New India , most Crucial Ones are :-

Nationalization of banks in India.

Green Revolution (Harit Kranti)

And nowadays most hashed out Nuclear Deal, It was during regime of Indira Gandhi that India Become World’s Nuclear Power.

But what I personally cogitate is that people have forgotten her contribution to India. Since new India Is not aware of her impressing attainments of life.

This is my modest attempt to Show one of her greatest advances.

In 1966 When Indira Gandhi Became The fourth prime Minister of India, After An overwhelming electoral victory. Indira nationalized financial institution(banks).

Another Major Milestone for Indira Gandhi was GREEN REVOLUTION.(we are going to talk about little more on that)

When Third world was starving for food it was Indira gandhi who made India Self Independent of Food.

First Phase of green Revolution termed from 1967-1978,

India Proved to be most Successful country from many third world countries who participated in this revolution.

The basic Constituents of Green revolution was

1.) Continuous enlargement of agricultural fields.

2.) Cultivating Existing Farmlands Twice.

3.) The introduction of pesticides and high-yield grains and better management.

These all methods greatly Increased Agricultural Activity, And Green revolution resulted in record increase with production of more than 131 Million Tons of grain in 1978-79. Which lead India A exporter of Food Grains to the world.

India trans substantiated itself from a hungering nation to an exporter of food to The world.

Thank You Indira Gandhi Ji you played a Pivotal role for this Revolution and I salute you for such a divine service for Letting us see Today’s Modern India.

Youth Should enter in politics.(Rahul Gandhi)

Addressing students in Hissar, Kurukshetra and Karnal, Rahul Gandhi today urges youth to enter into active Politics, Speaking at Karnal “N.D.R.I”(National Diary Research institute) Auditorium.


rahul gandhi

Rahul Said If youth want to bring a change in the society to eradicate corruption or to clean the whole system, then they have to take the first step. We have to employ youth ability in the overall development of India.Rahul Gandhi also admired Haryana government for the work done in the State.

Starting his one day visit from Hissar at the Ch. Charan Singh Haryana Agricultural University (C.C.S.H.A.U.) Rahul Gandhi Later went to Kurukshetra Univ. to meet another group of students and then Finally locomoted to karnal for his last matching destination in Haryana.
Without disclosing any names Rahul said I am not right candidate for Prime minister post, And there are many experienced leaders in party for same.
Five questions to Rahul Gandhi In These public meeting by Students.
Question 1:- Why there is reservation for S.C and ST, everywhere? Poor people are also part of general community .?
Answer:- Rahul asked the students to raise hands separately for S.C/ ST and then for General category. And he said you must have got answer yourself.!
Since S.C and B.C were less in Numbers. However he said problem is not the ‘Reservation’
Problem is number of education institutions. More the Institutions, more will be seats.

Question 2:- Why Common Man is not able to Enter politics.?Why Only Son’s or siblings of ministers.

Answer:- For this Question Meenakshi Natranjan will be the best respondent, Either you ask her directly or write to her personally. She will Respond.

Question 3:- Why N.S.U.I only for youth Community.?Why Not Elections for students organization

Answer:- Elections for student organization is on talks .What ever the decision will be youth community will bring forward to.
Question 4:- ‘Livestock Act’ Has been Established a long time back. Why It is not been implemented?
Answer:- For this Question you can meet at Delhi residence with papers, When I Am not on tours I am available for open meetings for discussions like this starting at 9.00a.m . You are welcome to take part in that.
Question :- How can a common student become Rahul Gandhi.?
Answer:- This also is a matter of discussion and hold forth.For This also you can meet me at delhi residence for open meeting.

Rahul was seen in white kurta and blue jeans ,without spectacles.

Rahul Gandhi Will visit Haryana Today.

Congress, General Secretary Rahul Gandhi Will visit Haryana Today.
According to Congress sources Rahul Gandhi is visiting Gandhi Auditorium of Haryana Agricultural University in Hissar and later on have programs in Karnal and Kurukshetra.

Rahul Gandhi in Haryana

This visit is especially for a membership drive run by N.S.U.I (National Students Union of India)and to teach students politics.
Very special part of this call is that all the current MLA’s , Ministers even the Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda will not take part in program. Infact they are not allowed to enter premise of functions.
Only 1,000 students of Haryana Agriculture University and 500 students of the Guru Jambheshwar university will be issued security passes by the SPG for entry to the auditorium
Ministers and special invitees can only welcome Rahul Gandhi at Airport and then will leave him with his programs.
Its because of Rahul Gandhi visit in Haryana again after Mirchpur Incident that local administration is marching hard to get everything in order. Last time when Rahul Gandhi came here, nobody was aware of his movement . And everything was done taciturnly. But Now S.P.G(Special protection group) is keeping a eye on all program places .

The Special Protection Group (SPG) team assigned for Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi’s visited city yesterday for interaction with students and Youth Congress workers and took over the Indira Gandhi Auditorium of Haryana Agricultural University, the venue for the meeting.

Rahul Gandhi congratulate the tribals for protecting their God, Protecting the Niyamgiri Hills.

Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi has supported the tribals in Orissa’s Niyamgiri hills, which is the state of affairs of the Vedanta contention.

UK Based- Firm “Vedanta” has establish a refinery base here. Rahul’s visit after the Centre refused to give an environment authorization to Vedanta’s mining project and congratulate tribals for same.

“I have come to Niyamgiri to congratulate the tribals for protecting their god, protecting the Niyamgiri hills. I am your soldier in Delhi. Whenever the tribals of Niyamgiri will need me, I will be there for you,”

Rahul Gandhi said development is important but it should be done after listening to the poor and the tribals.

Development does not mean curbing the poor, the tribals and the backward. We are for development, but we will never curb the voice of the poor people.

Rahul said the tribals of Niyamgiri were being crushed. “The tribals were being crushed here. What happened in Niyamgiri is not against development. Voices of tribals were being suppressed and these voices were heard in Delhi. You have saved your land yourself,” he said.

“My religion says all are one. The tribal youth and women who came to meet me told me their god is being snatched away from them. They told me they are fighting a battle in Niyamgiri hills, which they call their god.
The Congress general secretary said the decision was not against development, but about development. “This victory is yours. This is the victory of the tribals.

The visit of Rahul has a great significance as he has visited the backward Lanjigarh area when Vedanta`s mining plan in Niyamgiri Hills has suffered a big blow with Union Environment Ministry rejecting the stage-II clearance for its mining proposal.

Rahul Gandhi will be in Kolkata to address party

With the Youth Congress membership drive scheduled to start from next month, the West Bengal Pradesh Congress has lined up a number of meetings across the state featuring Congress ministers and MPs. Rahul Gandhi will address the rally at Shahid Minar. Later in September, Sonia Gandhi will be in Kolkata for the mini-AICC convention.

“The rally will be held on either September 6 or September 8. There is a general strike called by the trade unions on September 7. The date will be finalised in a day or two. The membership drive will be launched from the Shahid Minar rally,” said Pradesh Congress president Manas Bhunia. “Rahul Gandhi’s meeting will rejuvenate Congress workers from all levels.

Congress has lost the upper hand to Trinamool Congress in entire south Bengal. In the last Lok Sabha polls, barring a few, all the seats went to Trinamool Congress. Before the 2011 Assembly polls, Congress wants to revamp its organization before sitting down for seat-sharing with Trinamool.

Union finance minister Pranab Mukherjee is also likely to address the rally.

In the middle of September, Rahul Gandhi will return to Bengal. This time, he will go to the villages as he has done in other parts of the country.

On Tuesday, a meeting was called with all the district presidents and heads of the frontal organizations. Barring the presidents of Howrah, Nadia and Murshidabad, the rest were present.

As a part of Congress drive to strengthen its organization in the state, 42 MLAs from different parts of the country have visited each of the 42 parliamentary seats in the state. All of them will be submitting their reports to Rahul Gandhi.

From August 26 to September 1, a series of meetings will be held in the districts. The rallies will be held at Cooch Behar, Behrampore, Asansol, Siliguri, Malda, Burdwan, Kakdwip, Howrah, Serampore, Haldia, Ranaghat, Keshpur and Barasat. The speakers at the meetings are Sachin Pilot, Jitin Prasada, Raj Babbar, Priya Dutt, Mohammad Azharuddin among others.