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Rahul Gandhi visited Dibrugarh University,Will visit Assam Today

Dibrugarh, Sept. 23: AICC general secretary visited Dibrugarh University here this afternoon for an interactive session with the students.
The university’s students were protesting against Rahul’s visit for several reasons because he is a Congressman, the university’s administration had not formally informed them about his visit and because he had accepted the invitation of vice-chancellor Kandarpa Kumar Deka, against whom the students have been agitating.

As Rahul, clad in a checked shirt and blue jeans, delivered his lecture inside the auditorium, the police and personnel from the elite Special Protection Group (SPG) maintained a hawk’s eye on the protesters.

In the morning, Rahul interacted with students at the Netaji Subhash Manch auditorium of Assam University at Dargakona, 25 km south of Silchar. He shared the dais with Youth Congress leader Meenakshi Natarajan and university vice-chancellor Tapodhir Bhattacharjee.

Addressing the students, Rahul said they should cash in on the fact that India was a young nation. We live for the future. We are young, he said, asking the students to take a more proactive role in nation-building. Speaking about the , filth in the system and body politics, he admitted, “even I am not happy with our political system, but it must be cleaned, and cleaned by you.”

After the hour long session, Rahul boarded his chopper for Dibrugarh. He next visited IIT Guwahati for 10 minutes and answered the students questions on big dams, why the system in the country does not work properly and reservation issues, among others.,

Rahul Gandhi will pay a one-day visit to Assam on Thursday during which he will interact with the students of IIT-Guwahati and Assam Central University.

Gandhi is expected to arrive around 10:30 a.m. at Silchar and fly by a chopper to the university campus, where he would interact for about an hour with around 250 students of the varsity and the students of 12 other local colleges before flying to Guwahati.

He would return to Delhi the same day.

It has been reported that the National Security Guard (NSG) personnel have arrived at both the venues to ensure that the security arrangements are in place.

NSUI President Hiddi Eden would accompany Gandhi during his visit.

Being PM is not the only job in the world:Rahul Gandhi

Santiniketan (WB): Rahul Gandhi, who many believe is being promoted for country;s top political job , Today said becoming PM is not the only job in the world.

The 40-year-old scion of the Nehru-Gandhi family responded in this fashion sidestepping a pointed query on him becoming the prime minister during an interaction with students at the Visva Bharati University here.

“If I will be the prime minister of India,” he said, and added after a pause, “like that is the only job a person can do! There are many other jobs that a person can do.”

The AICC General Secretary on his maiden visit to Shantiniketan in Bolpur was asked what he would do for the job prospects of fine arts students studying classical dance in the event of his becoming prime minister and Chancellor of Visva Bharati University.

Three generations of Rahul Gandhi’s family had been Chancellors of Visva Bharati University founded by Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore at Santiniketan, 200 km from Kolkata. Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi held this position in their capacity as the country’s prime minister.

Stress should be given on fine arts studies, said Gandhi, as he arrived here to a boisterous welcome on the first day of his three-day visit to West Bengal.

Rahul Gandhi, who spent nearly one-and-half hours with the students, told them, “you can write to me or to the PMO with your suggestion how to strengthen fine arts studies.”

When another student asked him about corruption at the university,Rahul Gandhi replied, “corruption is a problem everywhere. You have to find a solution to it.”

To another question,Rahul Gandhi said he could give students a lot of work if they wished it. “If you tell me you want to work I will tell you when to do it and how to do it. Only writing letters to leaders will not do,” he said. A student from Bangladesh told Gandhi that many students from his country were eager to study at Visva Bharati but faced problems in getting a visa.

Rahul Gandhi, who reached the University in car after he flew in by a helicopter met around 1,000 students at the Rabindra Bhavan and discussed several issues with them for over an hour.

Rahul Gandhi in West Bengal Again.

Rahul Gandhi will be revisiting West Bengal on Sep 14 to promote the Youth Congress membership campaign in the state, Announced by party officials .

State Congress president told media on Saturday that Rahul Gandhi(RG) will start his tour from the campus of Vishwa Bharti University at Santiniketan on Sep 14. where he will address potential candidates for youth congress elections and congressmen from Block level to village panchayats and zilla parishads.

On that day he will also have a session with youths at Basirhat and Garden Reach in the outskirts of the city.

rahul gandhi

On September 15,Rahul Gandhi will address the tea workers and tribals at Jalpaiguri, Will speak at a Scheduled Castes convention in Coochbehar and also interact with youths in South Dinajpur.

Gandhi will finish off his tour Sep 16 by meeting families of murdered Congress leaders and potential Youth Congress candidates in Howrah, besides addressing a women’s convention and then travel to Garbeta in West Midnapore district to address a Scheduled Tribes political convention and take part in the youth workers from the adjacent parliamentary constituencies.

Rahul Gandhi has a great political charisma .Which is proving great for Binding India in one Congress.

CPI(M) days are numbered “Rahul Gandhi”

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi today accused CPI(M) of plundering central funds intended for the poor and hapless people ,Rahul gandhi said the days of the Marxists in West Bengal are numbered.

“There are two Bengals. One belongs to the CPI(M) where there is money and glint and the other belongs to you and me where there is darkness and backwardness and where there is no prosperity, employment, roads and electricity.

This was Gandhi’s first public rally in the urban center and the crowd clapped every time he attacked the CPI(M) in his hard impacting speech. Assembly elections in the state are due next year.

Asserting that the CPI(M) had been indulging in loot of central funds meant for the poor from the last 33 years, Rahul Gandhi said, “The Centre has been giving money worth Millions of rupees to Bengal under MNNREGA and various other schemes, but the money is being drawn off by the CPI(M) and not reaching the assigned poor people.

Forty five of the people in West Bengal do not even have ration cards, He said adding CPI(M) did not pay any attention to the needs of the common men, but worked for the profit of the party only.

Referring to his visit to China,Rahul Gandhi said senior Communist leaders of the country raised questions about the functioning of the Marxists in Bengal.

“They wanted to know what happened to the Communists of Bengal. They are still adhering on to old thinking of the ’70s and ’80s when the world is going forward.

Remembering that Soviet leaders had met his father Rajiv Gandhi when he was the Prime Minister, he said at that time Soviet Union was under Communist rule. Then one day he read in the news papers that Communism had been wiped out from USSR overnight.

“The day is not far off when the CPI(M) will be rooted out from the state,” rahul said.

“The 70 or 80-year-old ideology of the Communists, which has become obsolete and disused in the rest of the world, still exists in West Bengal and this exists for the CPI(M) too.

This is not for you,” he told the rally at “Shahid Minar maidan” organised to launch the membership drive for the state youth Congress.

Citing to the oft-quoted phrase ‘what Bengal thinks today India thinks tomorrow’, Gandhi said, “Now the rest of India thinks and the CPI(M) does not let you think.”

“The question is not whether CPI(M) remains in Bengal. That decision has already been taken by the people. The question is what we can do for the youth and I have been given an opportunity in the party in which youth find a place.”

He said when he had gone to UP five years ago, he was told that the Congress could not be revived in the state, but now the Congress has been rejuvenated in that state.

“Now they are saying that the next government in UP will be a government formed by the Congress only,” Rahul Gandhi said.

Indicating that the Youth Congress membership in Tamil Nadu had increased from 35,000 to 14.5 lakh after his visit to the state, Rahul said the Dravidian parties were now wondering how this has became possible.

Affirming that a similar thing would happen in West Bengal in the next four to five months, Rahul Gandhi appealed to the youths of the state to work together to fortify the organisation.

Rahul Gandhi, who dedicated his 12-minute speech to hit hard CPI(M) And We will see the change in Future there.