Monthly Archives: February 2011

Our focus primarily is to build leaders and not the organization.

The National Students Union of India held its two day National Executive Meeting, in Lucknow, on Thursday. The meeting took place on 9th and 10th of February 2011. This meeting was attended by the State Presidents and National Office Bearers of NSUI. The meeting was also addressed by Shri Rahul Gandhi, who is the AICC Gen Sec Incharge of NSUI

In his address Shri Rahul Gandhi said .Our focus primarily is to build leaders and not the organization. If we are successful in developing you people as real leaders, the organization will automatically grow strong.

UPCC Spokesperson Dwijendra Tripathi Told that In this two day meeting the NSUI leaders had a review of their work that they have done in the past few months. Every State President presented a review of the work that they had undertaken in their respective states. They also discussed and formulated their action plan for the next 3 months. These plans will be discussed when the team meets for the next National Executive.

Spokesperson Dwijendra Tripathi Told that The Uttar Pradesh Unit of NSUI had done a state wise survey on the condition of hostels meant for SC/ST students. The report made by the U.P NSUI states that the condition of SC/ST students is really bad because of apathy by the state government. Decision was taken in the National Executive meeting to take this programme nationally. The survey will now be done in every state and a massive agitation would be launched in states where government has turned a blind eye towards SC/ST students. National agitation launch will be done in Uttar Pradesh.

NSUI will hold its National Executive once in every three months in different cities across the country.