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Uttar Pradesh is run by dalals: Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi, Has taken on Mayawati government on the land acquisition issue, today promised the farmers that the Land Acquisition Bill will be in their favour.
Rahul Gandhi on Thursday said that “dalals” are running Uttar Pradesh and accused U.P government of resorting to land grab to help “big builders”.“You are not together. Uttar Pradesh is divided and that is why dalals (brokers) are running the state,” Rahul said, addressing farmers in Kirpalpur village, as he continued to woo them on the third day of his padayatra to Aligarh for the Congress-backed “kisan mahapanchayat” on Saturday.The AICC general secretary also promised that the Land Acquisition Bill to be brought before Parliament will be in favour of farmers.Meeting groups of villagers at Kirpalpur, Jahangarh, and Kansera villages in Aligarh district to drive home his point how farmers were suffering after their land was “forcibly” acquired at cheap prices, he said the state’s land acquisition policy was “full of flaws”.
The land acqisition policies should be framed after talks with farmers and taking them into confidence, he said.
Elaborating on his comments on UP being run by “dalals” Rahul said, “You may not like it. But this is true. Since you are not together that is why this is happening here. Unless you unite, you will continue to suffer. Unless you don’t understand what is happening, the train will not come on its track.”Accusing the Mayawati government of committing “land grab in favour of builders” in UP, Rahul said, “We will present the Land Acquisition Bill in the Lok Sabha and you will see that it will be passed in your favour.