Youth Should enter in politics.(Rahul Gandhi)

Addressing students in Hissar, Kurukshetra and Karnal, Rahul Gandhi today urges youth to enter into active Politics, Speaking at Karnal “N.D.R.I”(National Diary Research institute) Auditorium.


rahul gandhi

Rahul Said If youth want to bring a change in the society to eradicate corruption or to clean the whole system, then they have to take the first step. We have to employ youth ability in the overall development of India.Rahul Gandhi also admired Haryana government for the work done in the State.

Starting his one day visit from Hissar at the Ch. Charan Singh Haryana Agricultural University (C.C.S.H.A.U.) Rahul Gandhi Later went to Kurukshetra Univ. to meet another group of students and then Finally locomoted to karnal for his last matching destination in Haryana.
Without disclosing any names Rahul said I am not right candidate for Prime minister post, And there are many experienced leaders in party for same.
Five questions to Rahul Gandhi In These public meeting by Students.
Question 1:- Why there is reservation for S.C and ST, everywhere? Poor people are also part of general community .?
Answer:- Rahul asked the students to raise hands separately for S.C/ ST and then for General category. And he said you must have got answer yourself.!
Since S.C and B.C were less in Numbers. However he said problem is not the ‘Reservation’
Problem is number of education institutions. More the Institutions, more will be seats.

Question 2:- Why Common Man is not able to Enter politics.?Why Only Son’s or siblings of ministers.

Answer:- For this Question Meenakshi Natranjan will be the best respondent, Either you ask her directly or write to her personally. She will Respond.

Question 3:- Why N.S.U.I only for youth Community.?Why Not Elections for students organization

Answer:- Elections for student organization is on talks .What ever the decision will be youth community will bring forward to.
Question 4:- ‘Livestock Act’ Has been Established a long time back. Why It is not been implemented?
Answer:- For this Question you can meet at Delhi residence with papers, When I Am not on tours I am available for open meetings for discussions like this starting at 9.00a.m . You are welcome to take part in that.
Question :- How can a common student become Rahul Gandhi.?
Answer:- This also is a matter of discussion and hold forth.For This also you can meet me at delhi residence for open meeting.

Rahul was seen in white kurta and blue jeans ,without spectacles.

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