A Unforgettable Emotional Meeting With Rahul Gandhi , Today. On 10 Janpath

( 7th October 2011 )

Though almost every Congress candidate is seeking a meeting by Mr Rahul Gandhi I personally got a chance to meet Him today On 10 Janpath, It was a General Meeting With issues Like “RISE OF ATROCITIES ON DALITS ” . And Reporting For www.rahulgandhicongress.com messages. Being a Dalit I felt wonderful and great after Meeting Rahul Gandhi At 10 Janpath Today. He Definitely Cares for us (Dalits) and assured me to look into matter substantially which I brought into his notice.!

Though Congress, will launch its U.P campaign in the first week of November with Yatras led by Congress MP Rahul Gandhi.

“Mr Rahul Gandhi will certainly visit constituencies where candidates need an extra push to reach the victory line”.

“Mr Rahul Gandhi will focus firmly on development, rather lack of it in UP, and the need for good governance. He will tell the people that corruption will automatically get curbed if the principle of good governance is applied.

“If one talks of corruption, then the Mayawati government is the biggest example of it. In UP, people want to get rid of non-Congress government that have encouraged criminalization and corruption over the past two decades and want a total change,”

Naveen Aladia

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