Rahul Gandhi slams opposition for blocking Lokpal Bill

Rahul Gandhi on Friday said that the Opposition prevented the Lokpal Bill from being passed in Parliament because it had his backing.

Rahul Gandhi Said:

“I advocated a strong constitutional Lokpal. Make it on the lines of the Election Commission…. But they (BJP) defeated it in the Lok Sabha saying that it is Rahul Gandhi’s dream… this is not only the dream of Rahul Gandhi but also that of the youth of this country. We will not rest without (achieving) it,” Rahul told a rally inSaharanpur.

Rahul Gandhi, is spearheading Congress’ election campaign in the state, And is winning hearts of Muslim voters who had been disillusioned with Samajwadi Party in 2009 after it joined hands with Hindutva poster boy Kalyan Singh, widely seen by Muslims as the architect of the Babri Masjid demolition.

Gandhi pointed out that his father, late prime minister Rajiv Gandhi, too, had faced similar opposition when he brought the Panchayati Raj Bill to delegate power to the village heads. “Rajiv Gandhi’s dream was the Panchayati Raj Bill. Did it not benefit you?” Gandhi said, eliciting cheers from the crowd.

Referring to the policies that the Congress has introduced, Rahul asked a youth near his podium whose policy it was that brought phones to villages.

“It was Rajiv Gandhi who paved the way for this. They had said even then that Rajiv Gandhi is not talking sense. He is talking about computers and phones in villages,” the MP said.

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